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Pastel Pad - Fabriano Tiziano 24

Pastel Pad Fabriano Tiziano Nero - BLACK
  • Pastel Pad Fabriano Tiziano Nero - BLACK
1 990 Ft

Pastel Pad - Fabriano Tiziano - Noir

23 * 30,5 cm, 160g, 24 BLACK sheets

  • Pastel Pad - Fabriano Tiziano - NOIR

    23 * 30,5 cm, 160g, 24 sheets - BLACK


    Fabriano Tiziano papers are great for pastel, pencil and charcoal.  The Fabriano Tiziano Paper Pads contain 24 or 30 sheets of 75% cotton, mouldmade, acid-free paper that features a soft feel and a great tooth.

    The sheets feature a natural weave pattern on one side and a smooth finish on the reverse side. The different sizes of the pastel pads makes them suitable for letterpress, light watermedia, and printing. The paper weight is 160 g/m2.

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    A/5 20 lapos tömb 5EB-20TS/BLACK:  4 db
    A/4 30 lapos tömb EB-30TS/BLACK:  2 db
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