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Derwent Artbar

Derwent Artbar
  • Derwent Artbar
490 Ft

Derwent Artbar

Please select your set, available from 12 to 72 pcs.

  • Derwent Artbar

    With a beautiful creamy consistency, these triangular bars of solid, highly pigmented colour offer the artist so much creative potential. They feel luxuriously smooth as they release consistently rich, deep pigment. The wax based bars are also completely water-soluble and dry marks almost seem to melt under your brush. Used either dry or wet, Derwent Artbar opens up a world of expressive mark making and rich opaque colour.

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    ~4-6mm vastag átmérő - 14db/doboz:  8 db
    ~7-9mm vastag átmérő - 7db/doboz:  8 db
    ~10mm vastag átmérő - 5db/doboz:  9 db
    ~12-14mm vastag átmérő - 3db/doboz:  10 db
    ~16-19mm vastag átmérő - 2db/doboz:  4 db
    ~21-25mm vastag átmérő - 1db/doboz:  0 db
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