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Renesans Intenso Watercolour Tube - 15ml - Polish Brown

Renesans Intenso Watercolour Tube - 15ml - Cadmium Yellow Pale
  • Renesans Intenso Watercolour Tube - 15ml - Cadmium Yellow Pale
  • Renesans Intenso Watercolour Tube - 15ml - Cadmium Yellow Pale



Intenso Watercolour Tube - 15ml 

Polish Brown

  • The range of extrafine watercolours in tubes includes 70 colours.  50 were produced based on one pigment only, thanks to which colours blend perfectly and are excellent for professional use. The new pigments have been tested for compliance with the highest quality standards in terms of stability, purity, solubility, and lightfastness. We use only the best raw materials to achieve exceptional properties, such as the ability to re-use paint after drying on a pallet and control the flow of paint even on soft papers. The range of colours is extremely harmonious, balanced and complete. Watercolours Intense water in aluminium tubes are exceptional, high-quality watercolours, very efficient due to the vitality and purity of the shades. Mixing smooth, intense colours gives you the possibility to obtain subtle shades. The honey used in the production is not only a preservative, it  provides incomparable smoothness of paint. We have updated the watercolours formula of the Intense water line, increasing also the contents of honey, to reflect the longevity of colours, their brightness and luminosity. In addition, one of the main binders of Intense water paint  is the excellent quality of gum Arabic from Kordofan– region constituting the central and southern area of Sudan. Quality without compromise. The highest standards of artistic pigments ensure the highest lightfastness.


    Opacity and glazing properties

    The opacity of a pigmented colour is not only depending on the thickness of the colour application but also on the kind and concentration of the pigment as well as on the kind binder in the colour. all colours have been submitted to the same testing method: satndardized application on black and white striped saturated base. this allows a classification with the following 4 symbols:



    This describes the durability of a colour in daylight. A number of influencing factors play a role too, like intensity of sunlight, temperature, moisture, oxygen or gas content of the air.

    8 - Excellent 7 - Very good 6 - Good

    Color Index and Pigments names

    The Color Index system is an international standard to denominate dyes and pigments. A combination of letters and numbers indicate the colour category. For example: PO 20, means Pigment Orange 20. Color Index names are: PW (Pigment White) / PY (Pigment Yellow) / PO (Pigment Orange) / PR (Pigment Red) / PV (Pigment Violet) / PB (Pigment Blue) / PG (Pigment Green) / PBr (Pigment Brown) / PBk (Pigment Black).

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